Welcome To AiJalon

The distant planet of AiJalon is the setting for all the Jane Austen in Space novels. After humans complete deplete Earth's resources, they go in search of other planets to colonize. AiJalon has a similar ecosystem and can support human life. Instead of trying to peacefully coexist with AiJalonians as many species have done, humans attempt to take over the planet. War ensues. Humans lose quickly and must surrender unequivocally. They are allowed to remain on the planet but are treated as second class citizens, unable to own land or property and relegated to living in one of five islands set aside for human life called paedors. The only escape from this fate is through a marriage alliance to someone of another species. Thus the main characters of the Jane Austen in Space novels must balance their need to marry to secure their future with their desire to marry for love.