Online Gateway Exam on Precalculus Techniques

Fall 2019


The Gateway Exam on Precalculus Techniques consists of eight precalculus problems and is given online from Friday, September 20 to Friday, November 15. To pass this gateway exam, a student must solve correctly at least seven problems within 30 minutes using only scratch paper and pencil. That is, NO calculators, formula sheets, computer programs, or textbooks are allowed to be used during the gateway exam.  Passing the Gateway Exam on Precalculus Techniques will count 10% of the course grade for MATH 119.


Online Access to the Gateway Exam on Precalculus Techniques:

The Gateway Exam on Precalculus Techniques is given online using WeBWork and can be accessed through the website at:  Your username is:

first name.last name (all in lower case). For example, john.smith for John Smith.  Your password for the first time is your CWID. If you have taken the Precalculus Gateway Exam in the past, your password has not changed.  Please send an email to Dr. Breeanne Swart at if you have any trouble logging in.


Take a Practice Test for a Gateway Exam:

Before taking the Gateway Exam, you are strongly recommended to practice using the practice test for the gateway exam.  Click on Take GatewayExam – Precalculus Practice Test to take a practice test. You will receive the test score and also see which problem is solved correctly or incorrectly at the end of the test after clicking on “Grade Test”.  You can also print out a hard copy of a practice gateway exam with your answers.  You must take the practice test OUTSIDE of the SSC.


Take a Gateway Exam:

Click on Take GatewayExam – Precalculus Test to take a gateway exam. In order for a passing grade (7/8 or higher) on a gateway exam to be recorded for his/her course grade, a student must take this gateway exam in the Student Success Center (SSC) located in 117 Thompson Hall, which is open MTWRF from 9am-5pm and SMTWR from 7-10pm. A student can take a gateway exam at most three times per day. That is, the score of the 4th try will NOT be counted.


Steps to take a gateway exam at the SSC: ALL steps must be completed for a pass to count.

(1) Ask the receptionist for the Precalculus Gateway binder.  Sign in with your name and your section.

(2) Leave your bag with the receptionist.

(3) Take the Gateway Exam on Precalculus Techniques in the computer lab in the SSC.

(4) Ask the receptionist to sign out in the Precalculus Gateway binder and get your bag.

Please do not take the practice test for the gateway exam in the SSC.


Mathematics Notations in WeBWork:

The mathematics notations used in WeBWork are similar to those used in calculators. Details can be found at the website: . Please click on “Preview Problems” after typing each answer to make sure all mathematics notations are correctly typed in.


Change Password:

Click on Password/Email under Main Menu on the left.  It is highly recommended that you change your password after signing in for the first time.



If you have documented accommodations for taking exams, please see Dr. Swart regarding options for implementing those accommodations.