The Long Reaching Effects of Marketing

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So a few weeks ago I was a little bummed out about not selling a ton of books at the YALL festival. But it was still a great experience and awesome exposure. And you never know what kind of opportunities something like that opens up. For example, one lady I met there was a former principle and current middle school librarian. She invited me to come and speak to some of her students this past Wednesday at it was a great experience. The group of seventh and eighth grade girls I had were so engaged and just completely amazing. I ended up selling 15 books total and the librarian is trying to get me in contact with some of her media specialist friends. So you never know where things can go from a seeming only moderately successful marketing endeavor. I am so looking forward to my next book fair. If things work out, I should be attending five book fairs next year all in South Carolina or Georgia. Maybe in 2013 I’ll extend my book fair experiences even further.

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