The McDonald’s Approach

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I was driving down the street today and noticed a McDonald’s billboard…and then another one…and another one. And it got me to thinking. This is a billion dollar company yet they still have to work at advertising and marketing. I mean, does a day go by when you don’t see a McDonald’s ad, commercial, or a McDonald’s restaurant? Probably not. They’re everywhere. And part of their success is that they don’t let up on advertising…ever. So I decided to take a fry out of their Happy Meal so to speak. It’s time for me to blitz the market and get my name everywhere. If people keep seeing me and my books, they’ll eventually get curious and buy…at least I hope. With that in mind, I’ve decided on a plan for my brochure mailing project and I started it tonight. As you know if you’ve been reading this blog, I’ve created a tri-fold brochure about myself and my books and offered my services as a guest speaker and writing workshop presenter. I’m going to send them to every school library in the tri-county area. Not only that, but a week after I mail them, I plan on following up with an email. Then a month after the original mailing anyone who hasn’t responded will get a cute little postcard with the Priscilla book cover. Too much? Well, not if you think about it from the McDonald’s point of view. If this works, then I plan on extending it to counties that are farther away and also book stores and public libraries.

Here is the brochure:

On the inside is just my books and a one line description. I created the brochure in powerpoint and then used sales at Vistaprint to print them for free 25 at a time.

On an encouraging note, I’ve been selling a lot of print copies of Priscilla on Amazon. And the term “a lot” is relative. I’ve sold 60 this month up from 31 last month. So that’s a lot for me. Anyway, I decided to go check out my ranking and I noticed that my book is offered with one of the Wimpy Kid books for a discounted price. How did this happen? I have no idea. But I’m super excited about it. Unfortunately, the offer is one sided. If you go to the Wimpy Kid book page, my book isn’t offered there. But hey, it’s a start.

So print sales are going up while online sales are going down. Along with the brochure campaign to get print sales even higher, I also have to do something to get my ebook sales up. One suggestion I read somewhere was to identify the top 100 websites that are related to my books and figure out how to get on those sites whether by commenting or buying an ad. Well, buying any ads is completely out. Just got my medical bills for my surgery last month and right about now my finances are hemorrahaging about as much as my abdomen was. So I have to continue to search for free and cheap things. I thinking of dedicating 30 minutes a day to commenting on book related blogs. I’m also going to amp up my facebook and twitter posts.

All right, I’m off to go mail off some more brochures while simultaneously hoping McDonald’s doesn’t sue me for using their logo.

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  1. sybilnelson Says:


  2. Courtney Says:

    Why would McDonald’s sue you? It’s free advertising. ;)

    Since I don’t have a site host, I’m moving my blog to blogger. I’m tired of not having cute widgets and being so lonely. Blogger is where are all the book bloggers and YA lovers are. I want to be able to follow people and be followed. And when I go to Blogger blogs and leave comments, I don’t always remember where I stopped. I am unable to import, even though I converted to blogger xml, so I may just pick my favorite posts and copy and paste.

    I am also going to be doing a lot of roaming and commenting on forums and at different YA sites. It’s free and broken up day by day, is not really that time consuming.

  3. Elysabeth Says:

    Good ideas Sybil. You have a lot of advertising to do since you have what 10 books out now? – lol. You need brochures of both your writing persons (Leslie Dubois and Sybil Nelson) so that you can target specific audiences. Something I need to work on myself and hopefully once I get states 7 and 8 written I can work on a marketing campaign for my state series and my other stories.

    Good luck with the marketing but remember right now isn’t a good time to hit the schools since most will be on break in a couple of weeks. Timing – probably February when they are gearing up to purchasing books for the following year is a good time to hit the schools. I know you are determined and will accomplish many great things. I wish you luck and will see you in March – E :)

    Elysabeth Eldering
    Author of Finally Home, a YA paranormal mystery
    “The Proposal” (an April Fools Day story), a humorous romance ebook

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