Text Box: Stat 160: Statistical Methods
Fall, 2017
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Sybil Nelson

Thompson Hall 311

Office Hours: Tues. 10am-1pm, Wed. 3-5pm, by appointment.

Email: sprincen@citadel.edu

Office Phone: 843-953-6983


Course Description:

An elementary treatment of probability and statistical concepts.  Topics include data collection, descriptive statistics, measures of central tendency and dispersion, normal and binomial distributions, hypothesis testing, correlation and linear regression.  Emphasis will be placed on understanding statistical concepts, experimental design, and interpretation of statistical results.  A statistical package will be introduced. 


Class Website: http://sybilnelson.com/Stat160/index.html



Elementary Statistics by Mario F. Triola, 12th edition, Addison-Wesley with access to MyStatLab


Calculator (required):

TI-83 plus, TI-84, or TI-84 plus.  Bring your calculator to class every day.  You may not share or borrow calculators for tests.

If you have a more advanced calculator (like the TI-89 or TI-Nspire), you will need to learn on your own how to perform the required operations. The instructor can help you during office hours.


Grading:  The final grade for the course is based on:

1.      Online homework in MyStatLab    26%

2.      4 Exams                                             44%   

3.      Project                                                10%

4.      Comprehensive final exam             20%


Grades:  A = 90% or higher.  B = 80%-89%.  C = 70 - 79%.  D = 60 - 69%.  F = 59% or lower.



Homework will be assigned daily, and will be due at the start of the next class.  Late homework can be submitted for a 25% markdown.  Graded homework will be completed using MyStatLab.  You will be given a handout with instructions on registering in MyStatLab.  You must complete the homework to be successful in this course!  Not only will homework enable you to test your understanding of the material you have seen in class, but you will also learn through practice.  Instructions to register are found here.



There will be four in-class exams.  Exams may be on the computer in MyStatLab or may be written.  If you miss an exam and have a valid excuse, it is your responsibility to contact the instructor by the end of the day and arrange for a make-up exam before the next class meeting.  If your absence is unexcused, then you will receive a score of zero.  If you have an unavoidable absence coming up on the day of an exam (for example, an athletic trip), you should make arrangements to take the exam early.  In this case, you must give the instructor advance notice so that there is time to schedule the exam.  Note that optional events (such as military recruiting trips) are not valid excuses.  Finally, guard duty is not a valid excuse for missing an exam or neglecting any other academic duty.


Exam Corrections:




You will be assigned a group project that will combine the knowledge of statistics and probability with technology tools such as spreadsheets and statistical software.  Details on this project will be given out in class at a later date. 


Final Exam:  There will be a comprehensive final exam that will be mandatory for all students.


Math Lab:  Math tutoring is offered for FREE during the following hours:
                      Daytime hours:  Mon-Thurs:  1– 4pm  (Thompson 107)
                      Evening hours:  Sun-Thurs:  7–10pm  (Thompson 203)

Absences:  Attendance is crucial in any college class.  We will cover a lot of material every day and it will be very difficult to catch up on your own.  Absences and late arrivals will be reported daily through CAS.  Citadel policy pertaining to class attendance will be upheld.  Absences in excess of 20% of the class meetings will result in a grade of “F” in the course.  With respect to this policy, 3 late arrivals will count as an absence and if you are more than 15 minutes late, it will count as an absence.  Please note that YOU must be present when attendance is taken in order to be marked present—your bookbag will not be counted.  If you do arrive late, please inform the instructor at the end of class so that you are marked late instead of absent.  Excessive sleeping in class could result in your being marked absent for the day.


Classroom Rules and Expectations:

Please respect your fellow students, the instructor, and the classroom.  The following are not allowed because they are disruptive and detrimental to the learning experience of yourself and others:

Sleeping, texting, disruptive talking, reading or working on unrelated material, leaving the room, use of any electronics such as cellphones, mp3 players, and anything else that by common sense has no place in a learning environment.  Students are not allowed to eat, drink, or chew tobacco in any of the classrooms.

Honor Code violations will be reported-- cheating will not be tolerated.


Take care of any personal needs outside of class time!  Except for emergencies, you should not need to go to the bathroom, get a drink of water, or otherwise leave the classroom during class.