Math 119 Pre-Calculus

Fall 2018, The Citadel




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Dr. Sybil Nelson

Thompson 311

Office Hours: MWF 10:00am – 12:00pm and by appt. Email me at

Office Phone: 843-953-6983

Course Description: This course is designed to give you a good working knowledge of functions and their graphs as well as some basic skills in algebra and trigonometry.  These fundamental mathematics skills are necessary for future Calculus and Applied Math courses.  To proceed to Calculus I, a grade of C or higher is required. 

Class Meeting:  Letellier 204 MTWRF 8:00-8:50

Required Materials:

Text:  From Stewart/Redlin/Watson’s:  Precalculus Mathematics for Calculus, 7E

Using Chapters  1-7, 10, Appendix and Index

ISBN: 9781337695619

Calculator: TI-83 or TI-84.  Bring your calculator to class everyday. 



Class website: Our class website can be found at . Check here for homework help, practice tests, schedule and other course materials.

Grading: Grades will be determined on a ten-point scale as follows:

            A: 90-100

            B: 80-89

            C: 70-79

            D: 60-69

            F: Below 60


The final grade break down is as follows:

Tests : 50%

            Homework: 10%

            Quizzes: 10%

            Gateway Exam: 10%

            Final Exam: 20%


Final Exam:  There will be a cumulative final exam given at the end of the course.   Failure to take the final exam will result in failure of the course. 

Homework: You must complete homework to be successful in this course. Do NOT delay in doing your homework.  There is TOO MUCH homework to save if all for the night before the test and the material builds on itself.  If you do not complete your homework one evening, you will be lost the next day in class.  Not only will homework enable you to test your understanding of the material you have seen in class, but you will also learn through practice

Homework assignments will come from your textbook and will be due every Monday.  There is a handout with all homework assignments attached to this syllabus and posted on the class website.  If changes to the homework schedule need to be made, you will be notified via email and the new schedule will be posted on the class website.

There are additional problems listed for extra practice.  It is strongly suggested that you try these problems as well as the assigned homework problems will not be enough to be prepared for the tests.

Guidelines for homework assignments: Write your name, class, date and sections covered on the assignment clearly at the top of each page.  If you are not stapling or paper-clipping the pages, then put your name on each page. Use standard sized paper, with no fringe on the edge of your paper.  Clearly indicate the section and problem number that you are working on. Work the problems in the same order that they are assigned.  Homework should be done in pencil.  Cleanly erase any mistakes. Do not cross out or scratch out your mistakes.  Write legibly.  If I cannot read your work, the answer is wrong.  Show all work for each problem in an orderly fashion.  Circle your final answer.  Keep your work within the margins.  Please do not squeeze problems together.

Quizzes/In-Class Assignments: Quizzes will be given periodically to cover topics learned the previous day.  You need to always have blank paper with you for quizzes.  In class assignments will also be given and can be graded.

Tests: Five tests are tentatively scheduled.  If you are unable to attend a test because of an emergency, you must notify the instructor to make arrangements to take the test before the next class meeting.  You have 3 days to make up a test or you will receive a grade of zero for that test.  

Gateway Exam: The gateway exam will be 10% of your final grade.  The gateway exam contains 8 problems on topics covered during the first half of the semester.  To pass the gateway, it is required to complete at least 7 of the 8 problems perfectly.  This means if you get 6 or fewer problems correct, you will have 0% as part of your final grade.  The gateway exam can be taken as many times as necessary up to three times a day during the scheduled hours.  More information will be announced in class.  If you have accommodations for exams, they apply to the Gateway exam.  Please see me for details.  The gateway exam will be available for you to take starting Sept 17 and will be due on Nov 9.


Participation/Notes:  You are expected to be in class and prepared to learn.  Every student needs to have a notebook in class everyday and is expected to take notes.  You should also have a folder to keep handouts and graded assignments.  You should have a notebook, pencil with a good eraser and a calculator in class everyday.  You should come to class awake and prepared to actively participate.  You should read your textbook and take good notes during class to be successful in this course. 

SI Sessions: SI (supplemental instruction) sessions will be held at the following days/times so that you may receive extra help on the course material.  Evening SI sessions are mandatory.

            Voluntary Sessions:

            Mandatory Sessions:

Attendance: Attendance is crucial in any college level class.  We will cover a lot of material everyday and it will be very difficult to catch up on your own. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of class everyday.  If you are more than 15 minutes late, it will count as an absence. Please note that you must be present when attendance is taken in order to be marked present – your book bag will not be counted.  If you are sleeping during class or using an electronic device, you will be asked to leave class and will be marked as absent.  A total of 12 absences will result in an F in the course.  3 instances of tardiness count as one absence.   Homework extensions will not be given even if you are absent.  If is your responsibility to go to the SI sessions and read the textbook to keep up with the material. 

Classroom Rules and Expectations: Please respect your fellow students, instructor and the classroom.  The following are not allowed because the are disruptive and detrimental to the learning experience of yourself and others:

Sleeping, texting, talking, reading or working on unrelated material, leaving the room, use of any electronics such as cellphones and tablets, students are not allowed to eat, drink or chew tobacco in any o the classrooms. 

Honor code violations will be reported- cheating will not be tolerated. 

Take care of any personal needs outside of class time.  Bathroom and water breaks will be given approximately once every hour.